Queen Elizabeth II crosses her 90 years of age: UK to celebrate the movement

Queen Elizabeth II

Windsor, United Kingdom: Today, on Thursday, 21st April, the Britain is celebrating the 90th birthday of Queen- Elizabeth- II with tributes to a famous monarch who has manoeuvred it through the decline of empire and a wave of scandals to the age of internet.

It was seen that the Prime Minister in Britain- David Cameron also seemed paying his tribute to the Queen as “a rock of strength for our nation.” Also, Queen’s son and heir Prince- Charles also marked the occasion as he read the verses of Shakespeare in a special broadcast on the BBC radio.

The present Queen of Britain, had last years overtook her great- great grandmother Queen- Victoria for becoming the longest- reigning monarch at Britain. Today as she is having a special movement in her life, she will meet well- wishers near the Windsor Castle.

Moreover in the today’s special schedule for the Queen Elizabeth- II, in the evening she will also light a beacon, the first in a chain of Thousand which will be illuminated around the country and the World. Moreover, she will also host a family dinner today evening.

Moreover, the Queen who is presenting active monarch, has came in power since from the year 1953 and has scaled her duties in the recent years as Prince Charles, and also the grandson Prince- William and his wife Kate take a more prominent role.

Moreover, as the Queen has attained the 90s of her life, the world is praising her work and lifestyle, even some from the editorials also said that Queen is a “symbol of continuity and the best embodiment we have of a complex national identity.” Moreover, The Times newspaper while praising her in above words also warned the monarchy saying “it will not long retain its popularity” is Charles, an opinionated environmentalist, is seen as interfering in politics in breach of constitutional conventions.

It is also reported in her birthday special that there will be two military gun salutes take place at London’s Hyde Park and the Tower of London for marking the occasion.

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