R. Balki’s ‘Ki and Ka’ movie review: Arjun and Kareen presents lovely new concept

Bollywood: Men who like to stay home, or to take charge of the household, can be termed as House Husbands, and this concept has been brought in this R. Balki’s movie- ‘Ki and Ka’. Kareena Kapoor being the heroin in this movie playing the role of a wife, who want to build her career, while her husband portrayed by the actor- Arjun Kapoor is taking care of home, as ‘House Husband’, looking at the primary cares for the parents and also for the children.

Thus, now it is brought from many comments from the reviewers, reportedly, the Bollywood with this movie has got to the point of being capable for placing a Man willing to be home and his wife go to work.

This movie as such has brought lot of fun and enjoyment when audience can experience while looking in the story. Moreover, for the romance lovers, the movie offers romance too.

Thus, the today, the fun- dramatic creation- ‘Ki and Ka’ of Director- R. Balki is released and till now the reviewers have rated this movie with 2.5 stars out of Five stars, this seems not bad, and can be treated average for the movie which has just released.

Moreover, the movie casts lead roles as actress- Kareena Kapoor Khan, actor- Arjun Kapoor, actor- Rajit Kapoor and actress- Swaroop Sampat. The movie further shows that the world is not only for the Man, but there are women who can also lead the families. And this instance would the thing which R. Balki’s directed movie- ‘Ki and Ka’ want to share amongst the Indian population. In the world created by the movie, man behave like Woman and audience are offered with the fun hidden in it.

In the story, Arjun as Kabir Bansal based at Delhi is in line to inherit multi- crore business of his father. Arjun shown to have been believing in her mothers work being housewife, and he treated that work is nothing short of being an artist. Now, more coming days would show further reactions from the reviewers side.

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