Ragging and Beating: Two students from Class XI ragged and beaten seriously in Noida Hostel

Noida: On 9th of May, i.e. on Monday night, the senior students rushed in their school hostel and ragged and beaten two class XI students. Now both of them hospitalized as have received serious injuries on their heads and others body organs.

The senior students allegedly attacked a junior student, namely, Yash Pratap Singh who is about fifteen- year- old and started beating him and when his classmate, namely, Dhruv Aggarwal who is about sixteen- year- old went to rescue his friend, he was also punched repeatedly. The students under teen age were beaten harshly with the iron rods and punches, which led them to be admitted in the hospital, namely Kailash Hospital, located in Noida Sector 27. However, after a big tragedy, the simple relief got to the family by the doctors saying they are out of danger, while the student- Yash had received injuries on his head and left leg.

A son of Sanjeev Aggarwal- Businessman, namely, Dhruv Aggarwal had got admission in the Class XI last week in the DPS Noida and he is resident of Kolkata and the Yash being the resident of Bulandshahr got his admission confirmed on first day of this month, in the same class. Moreover, when Yash was asked about tragedy, he disclosed instances that since his admission, a group of students of Class XII (senior Students) started ragging and passing abusive remarks.

On the day of incident, when both these students- Yash and Dhruv were sitting n the hostel mess at about 9: 00 PM, it is alleged that “a group of twelve to fifteen” of such senior students came and “started passing offensive and derogatory remarks. Yash said “we decided to leave the hall but one of them came in front of us. He slapped me when I protested. The other senior students joined him and all started thrashing me with iron rods and boots.”

Moreover, when Dhruv intervened the said occurrence, he firstly “requested them” to leave his friend. Then “half of the group then started beating me.” After half an hour, till that time the alleged beating was continued, the hostel warden reached at the spot and rescued the students, and immediately thereafter rushed the students to the hospital.

While so, the School’s authorities found stated that the disciplinary committee is investigating the matter. However, a criminal case is registered against the accused students, by the mother of Yash and Six students’ names added in the FIR.

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