Raid in Delhi and Other areas: 12 Suspected Jaish-e- Mohammed terrorists arrested after recovering Bomb making materials

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New Delhi: Today, on Wednesday, in the early morning time, the Intelligence Bureau and Delhi Police special cell conducted a raid where they got victory as they succeeded in arresting at least twelve suspected Jaish- e- Mohammed- JeM terrorists.

The said raid was conducted by the concerned authorities in Delhi, National Capital Region and Deoband in Uttar Pradesh, and they detained all such suspects. The reports as came out after the said raid by the Police and other authorities, clarify this as nearly 8 people have been arrested from Delhi and in others the 4 people were arrested from Deopband, in Uttar Pradesh.

While reporting the instances the sources found stated that the “bomb making materials were seized from the twelve suspected Jaish- e- Mohammed terrorists, they are presently being questioned by police.”

Moreover, a senior official has also reportedly told to the news agency that “while a team of the force’s anti- terror unit Special Cell zeroed in on two of the youths, while they were allegedly in the process of making improvised explosive device, from east Delhi’s Gokulpuri area, names of the others emerged during their questioning and they were tracked down one after another in the wee hours today.”

Moreover, the officials also found stating that all of such arrested terrorists, are suspected to be the members of a sleeper unit of a terror outfit. Moreover, he also added that these terrorist were planning an attack in the national capital region and other areas nearby.

Thus, the new reports came out with the fact that the First Information Report is being registered by the Special Cell against all such suspected persons who are alleged to be the members of the unlawful group within the meaning of the provisions of the Unlawful Activities and Prevention Act- UAPA and also provisions of the Explosives Act also involved besides the provisions of the Indian Penal Code, for attracting Criminal conspiracy charges.

The connection of the arrested persons with the Jaish- e- Mohammed’s leader Yousuf Al Hindi were discovered while in interrogation.

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