RBI Governor- Rajan says India having 7.5% growth, despite 2 droughts and weak International Market

Raghuram Rajan

Bhubaneswar: Yesterday, on Saturday, the Governor to RBI- Reserve Bank Of India- Mr. Raghuram Rajan found disclosed the growth rate in the Indian economy, which is as per him, 7.5 per cent, despite two major droughts and a weak international market scenario.

Moreover, as per the RBI Governor, the country is largely protected from the global volatility. He said “the Indian economy has recorded 7.5 per cents of growth, which suggests we have macro stability, which is desirable” moreover, he added that we “need to continue to preserve it.” He made such statements while a Mahtab memorial lecture organise in Bhubaneswar.

Also, he pointed the uncertainties like “what Japan will do or what China will do.” However, he said “the way to maintain our (India’s) growth is really to start with a strong policy.” He added “today, we are largely protected from the volatility.”

Further, Governor also confirmed that the “India needs to be vigilant against the global market”. Moreover, he praised the reforms and stated that “reforms also help to attract investors and make India a better place to stay.” Moreover, he also disclosed reserve of $ 360 billion and said that we are “managing it properly can serve as a line of defence.”

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