Remembering late-nurse in KEM Hosptial, Aruna Shanbaug, Library and Gymnasium named after her in the Hospital

Mumbai: Yesterday, on Wednesday, 18th May, the KEM Hospital staffs paid their respect on the first death anniversary of the Aruna Shanbaug who proved to be a great mark for the movement to get right to die in India, the courts after considering the India’s basic laws in detailed finally allowed her to die under the title of ‘Passive Euthanasia’.

Now, in the memory of the KEM Hospital nurse- Aruna, the hospital has decided to start a library and gymnasium in the premises of the Hospital for the nurses and nursing students. Such opening is marking the death anniversary of the Aruna who actually worked in the said hospital as nurse. She, later subjected to the cruelty and raped by a ward body in the hospital campus in the year 1973.

Moreover, the KEM Hospital also decided to use the Ward- 4 in the Hospital, which was also originally Aruna’s room and it was turned into a general ward, now as per the authorities in the hospital, the ward is named after Aruna Shanbaug and it is now used for treating the patients. The said Library and Gymnasium is also named after her and as per doctor- Avinash Supe, the dean of KEM Hospital, these departments will be sued for nursing students.

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