Report: British Troops Test Harry Potter-Style Invisibility Cloak

United Kingdom: Troops of Britishers test for “Invisibility Cloaks” in styles of Harry Potter in US. It allows its hiding from enemies with soldiers. It hails it like “brilliant pieces of kits”. “Invisibility Cloaks” which is used by Harry Potter for moving about undetected Hogwarts has applications promising in real lives when particularly used in battlefields.

In trials of fields being conducted in US, soldiers as from 3rd Battalion Rifles used trying camouflages sheeting called Vatec. This in turn allows hiding from even heat searching and infrared devices. At times of trials being conducted in Fort Benning in Georgia, snipers utilized materials molded onto shapes for matching terrains and coming up with hide-away in mock battles. It is reported by US-based Tech Times news website.

Participants told that they were not seen when even different enemy acting soldiers tried searching for these people by utilizing latest devices. Materials developed by scientist from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Illinois attempted replicating abilities specialized of cephalopods like octopus. It has squided blending in with environments evading predators of theirs.

Skin of such creatures has pigmented rich cells known as chromatophores. This changes colours in responses to factors externally like predators presences. Scientists have in turn developed processes mimicking abilities with technologies called visual appearances modulations. Materials developed have one side containing light-sensitive tiny cells sensitive to environment colours.

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