Report: Cervical Cancer in Indian Women is the reason for More than 60,000 death in 2015-16

New Delhi: Cervical Cancer is growing rapidly as being great reasons for death amongst Indian mass especially women. To highlight burdens increasing of cervical cancers amongst women, minister of health namely J P Nadda told that 62416 women lost their lives because of this disease in 2015-2016 which accounted for 24 percent of totally all cases of cancers in Indian women.

Estimated death numbers because of cervical cancers accounted for twenty-four percent of totally all sites anatomically of cancers in Indian women. It was proportion largest amongst all cancerous women in nation. It was informed by Nadda in Lok Sabha on 11th March, 2016. Data was sourced from National Cancer Registry Programme of Indian Council of Medical Research points at incidences increasing of cervical cancers amongst women.

In 2012 year, 1.3 lakh cervical cancers cases had been reported in nation. This accounted around for 23 percent cases of nearly all types of cancers amongst women. Cervical cancers Indian deaths accounted nearly for 25 percent these worldwide deaths. Centres have evaluated introductions of vaccines of cervical cancer as parts of immunization drives for preventing diseases amongst women.

Presently there are 3 vaccines which are available for preventing (HPV) human papillomavirus types thereby causing cervical cancers. Presently National Programme for Prevention and Control of diabetes, cancers, strokes and cardiovascular diseases are implemented through National Health Mission.

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