Report: Quantum Break is only running on Xbox One at 720 pixels

Quantum Break is a forthcoming action-adventure third-person shooter video game created by Remedy Entertainment and distributed by Microsoft Studios, to be released on 5th of April on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. In build-ups to releases there seem of detailing steady streaming related with shooter emerges time manipulated. Resolutions of games are one such information piece. As per presentations created by developer of games at Siggraph 2015, game run at 1080 pixels and 30 fps on Xbox One.

But Digital Foundry discovered that it is not true entirely after conducting game playing and pixel running counting tests. Resolution of game is 720 pixels. In totalled scenes being tested till date, resolutions natively of 720 pixels are consistently resulting found in all pixels counting tests. Whilst there are all possibilities of rendering targets individually being operated at high resolutions, the basic geometries have abilities of measuring hands in 720 pixels results as standing things.

Along with 1080 pixels as being standard resolutions expected from these console generations there are interesting factors for seeing Remedy playing loose and fast. Put simply, irrespective of how best and good it appears technical chops puts game in line with as to what one shall get from Xbox 360 titles instead of exclusive Xbox One.

Different signs for under powering of latest console of generations are with Microsoft and Sony thereby appearing at hardware mid-generations up gradation to Xbox One and PS4 respectively.

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