Report says, 13 and 15- Inches MacBook Models from Apple could be in Market this year

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United States: An American Multinational Technology Company- Apple is now set to bring a new, stylish MacBook line- up this year. The company, as per a new report, is planning to refresh its MacBook line- up and would be launching a new Thirteen- inches and Fifteen- inches MacBook models.

The reports which were published on DigiTimes, the new hopped Thirteen and Fifteen inches MacBook will be offered in a similar design as it is providing with the existing devices of Twelve- inches MacBook of the company which was launched, last year. However, reportedly, the new MacBooks will be little “thinner” than the already existing MacBook Air line- up. Moreover, this new MacBook will be featuring only a single USB- C port, as it is appearing with the Twelve- inches existing model.

However, in the competition to this, the other technology- majors like Lenovo, Dell and Asus are also, reportedly, preparing for the ultra- thin notebooks’ launch and that is also at the similar time.

However, again the report does not speak of Apple’s plan for launching new MacBook Air and Mac Book Pro models. It was seen in the earlier brought reports, that the company may refresh its entire Mac line- up this year. Moreover, it was also shown that the concerned computing devices like MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini were also expected to be powered by ‘Skylake’ Core Processor, which is sixth- generation’s Intel processor.

However, currently the company- Apple is not using this Skylake processor in its offered notebook line- up.

Moreover, it is notable that the use of this Skylake processor would improve the device’s power efficiency and also may allow the company to reduce the thickness of the devices. Again notably, the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft corporation is currently coming as powered by Intel’s Skylake processor.

Moreover, the Company- Apple has found shipping its 20.38 Mac Products in the last year, thus it has captured the growth of 4.08 per cent. Moreover, now with this rate is can be understood that the Apple would again maintain or even can grow more with its forthcoming ultra- thin MacBook’s new series, in this year.

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