Researchers developed vest to provide healing touch to autistic kids

New Delhi: Scientists from divisions of textile engineering of AIIMS and IIT-Delhi comes forth for designing low costs vests in helping reductions of hyperactivities in kids to suffer from autism. This autism is neuro-development disorders being characterised by repetitive, restricted behaviours, interactions social impaired and non-verbal ad verbal communications.

Vests are made of fabrics especially with weights sewn-in as said by Dr Sheffali Gulati, professor & chief, division of child neurology at AIIMS to TOI. She told 30 kids who are autistic being aged in between 6 to 9 years have been chosen for initialised trials of products being conducted in supervised condition of doctors’ specialist.

In case there are positive results steps must be taken for transferring technologies for productions commercially of vests weighted. Costs of vests indigenously are likely being Rupees 1000 and less. Same products are present in abroad. But costs in any place is in between Rupees 6000 and Rupees 19500. This was told by Dr. Gulati.

Vests help in reduction of hyper-activities amongst kids’ autistic by improvement of behaviours on-task, impulse controls and attention controls. This is showed by studies published in American Journal of Occupational Therapy. Studies conducted 2 years back measured performances of 110 kids with (ADHD) attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Wearing vest weighted are not cure-all strategies. Findings support uses to attention remedies and behavioural on-task kids problems with ADHD. This was concluded by studies.

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