Road accident of Delhi’s Sidharth Sharma is captured in CCTV: Juvenile driven Mercedes car hit him harshly

New Delhi: Nearly two days ago, a Mercedes car hit the Delhi- based businessman- Sidharth Sharma in north Delhi, and now his family has released the CCTV footage of the incident, shows how the accident was taken place.

The Delhi- based business executive- Sharma was about thirty- two years old man who was returning his home by the evening time at about 8:45 PM on Monday, i.e. on 4th day of April and while he was crossing the road near Ludlow Castle School in Delhi’s north area, a Mercedes car which was being driven in a speed, suddenly came and hit him.

He was the marketing head of the Multinational enterprise, and when he was hit by the Mercedes car in a high speed then he was flung several feet into the air and then landed on road site, which is at least fifteen meters away from the crash spot. He was seemed severely injured and all such incident is being recorded in the CCTV cameras, located nearby the spot.

However, notably, the speed in which the car was being driven at that time, and also due to its sudden crash against a man, its tyre consequently burst and then it was stopped after a sharp drift on the road. However, later it was came to be noted that the said Mercedes Benz’s car was being driven at the time of the accident by a seventeen- year- old young boy and he was also seemed accompanied of his friends too, thus it was learnt later again that the said group of boys was allegedly enjoying their ‘joy’ ride.

However, as per statements from the Police officials, which were made earlier, they said that was speed of 80 KM per hour, in which the said offending vehicle was being driven. And further they said that time that the accused were fled away from the scene, and left his car nearby the spot.

Now, looking to the situation is can be safely said that the boy being accused is juvenile and as such him father will be prosecuted for such accident case, within the provisions of the Motor Vehicle law. Also, as the driver of his father had earlier given a false given, as per police, he would also be booked for giving wrong information, as to his being driven a car.

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