Rohtang Pass: No immediate relief in favour of Taxi Owners against NGT order, SC says

New Delhi: Today, on Monday 11th April, the honourable Supreme Court of India denied the immediate relief to the owners of the taxies, who were challenging the order of the NGT- National Green Tribunal whereby the said Tribunal had restricted the entry of the all diesel and petrol tourist vehicles in Rohtang Pass.

The honourable Apex Court today, was hearing the pleas of the taxi owners, then the concerned bench decided that the “this order (National Green Tribunal’s order) was in the interest of the environment and ecology”. It also said that the “ecology must remain beautiful. What is the use if it gets destroyed?”. It is also sought to maintain by the court that it cannot “deny that the vehicular pollution will not affect the snow.”

It was seen that in the claim by the Taxi owners through their Taxi Association, they had asked for the relaxation of the current restrictions for allowing the more taxis to go up to Rohtang Pass.

Moreover, while deciding so, the honourable Apex Court also required the Solicitor General to assist the court in determining the cumulative effect of the National Green Tribunal’s orders through which the vehicles were restricted to move towards Rohtang Pass.

It was seen that the concerned taxi association being Himachal Taxi Owners Association earlier had approached the Top Court and in their plea they sought to challenge the order of the National Green Tribunal. Currently in furtherance of this order, there are only 500 petrol and CNG vehicles allowed in total for going up to Rohtang every day.

Moreover, in the claim of the Taxi Owners, they sought to say that this is the only big earning period on account of peak tourism season. The Taxi owners also said that they have to wait in queue for a long period for the customers and CNG, this suffers them a lot, as per them.

Thus, making such order, the apex court has now decided to hear the matter again on next date which will be 25th day of April.

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