Royal Enfield launched an all-terrain 411cc motorcycle, Himalayan, costs Rupees 1.55 lakh

Chennai: Royal Enfield Himalayan is a premium bike for adventure touring and combines over 60 years of Himalayan biking experience. Royal Enfield Himalayan has an extensive ground up design with air cooling engine which is single cylinder (411 cc). An output of 24.5 bhp and torque of 32Nm is produced. A cradle frame which is split, developed and designed by Harris Performance which is an UK based parts manufacturer acquired last year by Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield Himalayan was test driven on snow covered roads, waterlogged roads, no tarmac roads and the fresh tarmac roads. A smooth and vital riding experience is assured. On rocky terrain and shallow river bed, it was assured to give trouble free experiences.

Seat height, footpegs and handle bars assure an upright riding posture which is extremely essential for long trips on rocky terrain. 300 m front brakes and 240 mm rear brakes provide the right deal of braking action. Fuel of 15 litres is enough for 450 km road length.

Compared to the Japanese bikes it is less early on but it will take up speed once you put it into gear. At a low speed of 40 kph you can shift to the fifth gear with minimum of effort. The left foot can relax indefinitely because the right foot does the manoeuvring. All in all a wonderful biking experience.

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