Russia develops Small but Powerful, complete Tankbot with full robotic features: Not yet priced: Soon be launched in Market

Russia: A Defense Organisation of Russian has created a powerful Mini Tank with the complete features for providing reconnaissance and fire support to infantry and counter- terror units.

It is equipped with the compete features, as said herein above, and its being designed with laser warning system and target detection and also with the high- tech identification and tracking of the equipment. Moreover, it is fully fireproof mini tankbot, with all such amazing features.

Moreover, the organisation has named it as Uran- 9. Also, it is notably provided in the size of only few feet taller than human and also it is equipped with the powerful machine gun, missile launcher, and also a Thirty- millimetre cannon which can fire 350 to four hundred of rounds in a single minute. Its provided machine gun is of 7.62 mm and also its offered four missiles will be of anti- tank 9M120 Ataka, which can reach the target which is 2.5 miles away in 90 per cent of the time. It is also called as “unmanned vehicle’.

Moreover behind its creation, along with the Russian Defence organisation, the Rosoboronexport is also seemed to have used its brains and it is created as remote controlled mini tank, where Two recon and fire support robots are consisted along with a tractor for their transportation and mobile control post.

Further, as stated by the Developers of such unique robotic and powerful vehicle, it would be treated as a weapon system which will be seen deployed with an infantry unit and not as a separate vehicle.

From the Rosoboronexport’s Analysis and Long- Term Planning Department, its head- Boris Simakin found stated in the media release that for creating modern military robotics which will be in demand on the international market, the Russian developers are possessing all the required competencies.

It is further notable in this connection, that yet there is no price found mentioned in connection with Uran-9. However, Organisation seems planning to launch this unique technology in the market sometime this year.

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