Russian Court decides to keep Ukrainian Pilot for Twenty- two years in Prison

Ukrainian pilot Savchenko

Russia: After holding Ukrainian pilot guilty of her involvement in the murdering of the two Russian journalists in eastern Ukraine, the Russian Court, yesterday, on Tuesday, 22nd March, has finality sentenced him to suffer Twenty- two years imprisonment. A day before yesterday, it was seen that the concerned Russian Court had held that the 34- years- old- Nadezhda Savchenko who was serving in a Ukrainian volunteer battalion against Russia- backed rebels, is convict of her involvement in the murdering of two Russian journalists.

As per the case against her, the Prosecutors found stated that the convict- Savchenko called in co- ordinates for the shooting where in these journalists and also some other civilians were also killed in the year 2014 (July). However, opposing the stand of the prosecutors, the Ukrainian pilot has denied that she was being in the area at the time. Further she sought to insist that she was caught by rebels a few hours earlier to that attack.

However, it was also seen in the proceedings where the Russian Court was giving his verdict, yesterday, the convict- Savchenko found interrupted the judge and started belting out in her voice an Ukrainian song.

It was notable that in the battle taken place between Russia- backed separatists and Govt. troops in the eastern Ukraine was seen resulted in the death of 9000 and above people.

However, again it was seen in the comments from the side of Ukrainian Government which found stated that their pilot being a prisoner of war, must be released under the current truce agreements in eastern Ukraine.

Moreover, as per Petro Poroshenko- the President of Ukraine, that the verdict of “Kangaroo court” (he called) would never be recognized by the country, and he further called President of Russia- Vladimir Putin for sending their pilot back to home in his country- Ukraine.

It was seen once while in Trial, where the angry Ukrainians have showered eggs against Russian embassy in Kiev over her plight, similarly, the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow was targeted by the Russians for claiming their demands of justice for those killed in fight.

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