Russian Mission Control says that International Space Station orbited Earth for 100,000th time

International Space Station

On Monday, i.e. on 16th May, the ISS- International Space Station, which is the space laboratory showcasing co- operation between the biggest powers in the world like Russia and United states, orbited Earth for the 100,000th time. The information is given in this connection by the Russian Mission control and it is also informed that saying that “today the ISS made its hundred thousandth orbit around Earth.”

The statements as released from the mission control centre which is based at the Moscow region, also said that the travelling at an altitude of about 250 miles i.e. about four hundred kilometers and a speed of about 17,500 miles i.e. about twenty- eight thousands kilometers per hour, the space station circles the Earth once every ninety minutes. Moreover, the said Mission control also said that the said is an “anniversary orbit” lasted from 7: 35 to 9: 10 AM as per Moscow time (0435 to 0610 GMT).

Moreover, notably, the International Space Station has now travelled 2.6 billion miles or as per NASA, “about the distance of ten round trips to Mars.” Moreover, praising the achievement, Jeff Williams- United States Flight Engineer found stated through the video posted by NASA that “this is a significant milestone and is a tribute to this international partnership made up of the European Space Agency, of Russia, Canada, Japan and the United States.”

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