Salman aka Sultan Ali Khan struggling lot for upcoming movie

Bollywood: People looking crazy for the bollywood actor- Salman Khan’s upcoming biggest Movie- Sultan, however, to offer full satisfactory entertainment to his fan, Salman seemed taking the shoot very serious, in so far as, his fight scenes shoot in the move concerned. It is reportedly stated that the Bollywood’s and his fan’ Bhaijaan- Salman Khan is having a “tough time while shooting the film”, more particularly, when he is shooting the fight sequences in the movie, where huge concentration is seemed being given to the serous fighting of Salman as Wrestler in the movie.

As per sources, while Bhaijaan was shooting his some serious fights with his opponents, these fights seemed taking a “toll over” his health. Few days ago, when Salmaan was to shoot for all the dhobi pachad in the fight scenes in the movie, he was required to lift one of his opponent and then drop him on the floor, while so, he got severe muscle sprain in his back, and even after he was given immediate first aid, his pain didn’t “subside”, and “he was advised as such to take a day off from a shoot”.

Moreover, further, the sources said that the Bollywood’s bhaijaan, however, will soon continue with the shooting and will finish his all such fight scenes in the Movie.

In the coming post days, i.e. on 10th day of this month, the actor- Salman Khan along with heroin- Anushka Sharma and other cast and crew would be leaving for the Delhi, Haryana and Punjab for the month, for shooting the most significant pat in the movie, probably they will return back from there in the month of May, this year.

Moreover, in the movie, the actor- Salman is having a big role, and for this he has prepared himself with the intense training and workout to look like wrestler. Also he will be appearing in langot (loincloth) while fight in the wrestling.

Now movie will offer him with a new name, Sultan Ali Khan, which is the role of Salman in the movie and he will also reportedly, show his well toned body, with his six- pack abs, to attract crores of his fans to the theatre.

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