Salman is confirmed for Kabir Khan, who is ready to do a film with him

Salman Khan

Bollywood: The bollywood’s Sallu Bhaijaan- Salman Khan is now confirmed for his new Movie with the Kabir Khan- a film maker, now history will again show its impact on future, when Salman and Kabir will be coming with the new creation in the coming year’s Eid celebration.

The director found stated that the although he is not confirmed about the film, which would be his next creation, however, actor- Salman is confirmed.

It was notable from the history which every movie lover has already experienced that when actor- Salman Khan and director- Kabir Khan comes together, they have already given every time the wonderful creations they would have every made. The major box office films with Salman Khan, made by Kabir Khan, were including the Ek Tha Tiger too.

Salman with his perfectly toned body and style which crores of fans are loving to watch in the theatres always get huge love from the people, as seen number of times in the history, including with the movie- Bajrangi Bhaijaan, where Salman broke all his biggest records to become his biggest grosser till the date.

Besides, bollywood’s Chulbul pandey- Salman is also ready to get his new coming movie- Sultan which is also expected by the experts to grab all attentions from the viewers. However, the joint efforts from Kabir Khan and Salman Khan, as already have brought something really entertaining and offering full satisfaction to the movie lovers.

Now, it was seen that the Kabir Khan has confirmed to the news agencies that, “I share a comfortable working relationship with Salman”. Kabir with Salman, notably has offered two major hits, and as such now as per Kabir Khan, he is “definitely going to make another movie with him”. But, he made it clear that, “right now I (Kabir) cannot tell if it will be my next film or not”.

Now, the bollywood’s Bhaijaan- Salman Khan is busy in his coming film’s shooting (Sultan), thereafter he would be seemed busy for the work of production of Atul Agnihotri’s work, and after these two movies shooting, he might start with the work of Kabir Khan’s movie which as per many, reportedly, came to be released in the coming year’s Eid celebration.

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