Salman Khan to Supreme Court: He wasn’t driving and even not drunk; he was falsely implicated

Salman Khan

New Delhi: In connection with the case of Hit and Run (2002), where bollywood’s Actor- Salman Khan was charged to offence, now before the honourable Supreme Court of India, the actor found stated that he was not driving his Toyota Land Cruiser, while the incident of road side accident taken place in the Mumbai’s Bandra, however, even if so, the Police were trying to implicate him in the case, as per Salman Khan.

It is notable that the actor- Salman Khan was allegedly driving his Toyota Land Cruiser while in the drunken state of mind and he crashed against few people.

It was seen that the honourable Supreme Court earlier, on 19th February, had issued a notice to the actor- Salman where his responses were sought on the petition filed by the Government of Maharashtra challenging his acquittal which was decided by the Bombay High Court.

Now, the Salman Khan also found stating that his driver- Ashok Singh was driving the vehicle. The statements so made by the actor found mentioned in his affidavit which was filed on 17th day of March, this year. His affidavit also states that there was failure on the part of the prosecution in production of a single witness or a photograph where it could be seen that he was driving the said vehicle. This affidavit contending the responses from the Bollywood’s dabangg star- Salman Khan, was made to public knowledge, yesterday on 6th April.

It was seen that the Bombay High Court, in its verdict dated 10th December, 2015, decided to acquit the actor- Salman Khan on the ground that the prosecution failed to prove the charges against the actor on all counts.

However, now, it is also sought to maintain by the actor- Salman Khan that he was not drunk at the time of the incident, as he was kept away that during that time from alcoholic beverages in connection with his preparation for the shooting of his film ‘Garv’.

The notable issue can be seen in the statements of the actor- Salman that, he found earlier told in the reports at the time of the accident that some repair work was going on near the spot and in result of which there were stones and rubble on the road, however, now before the Apex Court he sought to say that the said accident was taken place, due to the vehicle’s left front tyre was burst.

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