Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Smartphone that is Glamorous and Serves Well

Review: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a flagship product of Samsung. It is one amongst most awaited smart-phones of 2016 early. We take a closer look at it and see in case smartphone is worth shiny pennies. Following are the few features of this flagship Samsung smartphone.

Design: we should admit that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is device being gorgeous. Curves on back panels have been influenced from Samsung Note 5 successful of 2015. Curves of front screen panels are there onto aluminum frames not on sides only but also at bottom and top. It gives smartphone ergonomic seamless feels. In 2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge had one designing flaw only. This was edge cuttings into person palms holding for whiles. This is fixed in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as there are smoother edges than earlier one.

Display: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge excels in displaying departments. Screens are stunning absolutely displaying colours vibrant and lively. Quad- HD screen with resolution of 2560*1440 pixels reproduce hues brilliant using AMOLED super technologies. Best screening parts could be viewed from many difficult angles with no image distortion. This factor cannot be produced by some of best LED TV.

Camera:  Samsung have scaled down Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge megapixels. Presently it uses 12MP rear cameras. It proves just that higher megapixel no long is criterion relevant for good cameras.

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