Samsung India brought Galaxy J3 for Indian Bike Riders who want Biking and Mobility simultaneously

Yesterday, the end day of March, the South Korea’s multinational giant- Samsung has launched its new Galaxy J3 in the line- up in India, and it is priced at 8,990 rupees. The device is offered from the Samsung with the top feature ‘S Bike Mode’ which is one meant especially for the Bike Riders. However, in the e- commerce market of Snapdeal, exclusively, the device will be made available for the purchase.

It is notable in this context that there are around Seventy per cents of the consumers of the Samsung India, are Two- Wheeler users. And as such the company would have intentioned to bring biking and mobility together.

The Samsung India Electronics’ Senior Vice President- Asim Warsi found stated that the company felt that the incoming calls are a major distraction for the bikers, and it was revealed during the study of the phone usage behaviour of the consumers. The Statements were preferred by the Vice- president of the company’s Indian group, at the launch event on Thursday, 31st March, 2016. It is he only cleared that around 70% of the Samsung’s customers are “two- wheeler drivers”.

As such the company’s India group’s Vice- President shown his happiness that Samsung has now came up with something “that will benefit millions of two- wheeler users” and also will “promote responsible riding”.

It is notable that while biking, mobility should not be experienced as it may lead to the road accidents and the innocent’s live would badly put into the trouble. Thus, it is highly considered that these two concepts are not exactly the best of friends and that is why the Samsung said to have not encouraging the bike riders to flout any traffic rules, either with or without the Galaxy J3.

In the Smartphone, the users will be experiencing the unique feature where once it is activated, caller trying to reach the Galaxy J3 owner, will be notified through an automated answering system called “Smart Reply”. And for activating or deactivating the mode, the users will also be provided with the NFC tag which will be offered under the retail box, such NFC tag can be affixed to the fuel tank of the bike so that users can easily reach up to it for operating.

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