SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 200GB Flash Drive Launched at Rs. 9990 in India

In fewer times 32GB flash drives storages are not enough. In such cases there are requirements of 64GB. In fewer times 64GB offerings are not enough. Then you desire for 200GB. Whilst you desire 200GB, you desire for looking at latest offering at SanDisk. Company on 18th March 2016 announced launching of SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick in India of 200GB.

There are its purchasing availability at Rupees 9990 from Amazon India. This was launched initially in selected regions in CES 2016. This was additions to company’s Connect Wireless line-up existing. Previously line-up maxed out storage options of 12GB for top models. American storage companies being acquired recently by Western Digital, tells that newer models offer transfer improved speeds.

Whilst commenting on launching of SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick in India, Rajesh Gupta, Country Manager, India & Saarc, SanDisk told that with explosions of contents, people needing more modern storage solution for keeping up with quality and volumes of files, photos and videos being created on mobile device.

Goals are delivering intuitive, innovative offering helping in capturing of great moment of lives with no worrying related with limitations of storages. For people who are unfamiliar, this offers ranges of features additionally with storage of data. It has compatibility with iOS and Android device. With them it wirelessly connects by users allowance for transferring data from mobile device.

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