Sarabjit’s sister Dalbir Kaur says Lahore Jail directed killing of 11 Indian Prisoners

lahore central jail

New Delhi: After Sarabjit Singh, Kirpal Singh, now the Pakistan’s Lahore based- Jail has directed to kill Eleven Indian prisoners, as per Sarabjit Singh’s Sister- Dalbir Kaur, who said to have received information on such facts from the sources.

It is notable here that recently, one of the Indian Prisoners- Kirpal Singh was allegedly killed in the Lahore Jail. However, as per the Pakistani authorities, he had been died and not killed. The Sister of Sarabjit Singh, the Indian prisoner in the Pakistani Jail, who met with the similar fate, commented on the mysterious death of the Kirpal Singh that he was killed in the Jail. Now she is claiming that there is danger to the lives of the eleven Indian national prisoners in the Lahore Jail.

She also pointed that among such prisoners, there two main prisoners, namely Kuldeep Kumar from Ahmedabad and Ansari from Maharashtra who are taken in the custody in the Jails of Pakistan are facing danger to their lives, as per Dalbir Kaur who disclose these facts today, on 19th April.

Before the death of Kirpal Singh, the brother of Dalbir Kaur, namely Sarabjit Singh who was also imprisoned in Pakistan’s Lahore Jail as an Indian Prisoner died after a murderous attack by fellow prisoners in the Jail in the year 2013 (April). Moreover, the recently died Kirpal Singh who was about 54 years of his age, was facing jail in Pakistan after his charged as spy in the year 1992.

Also, the sister of deceased of Indian Prisoner at Pakistan also said that when she heard of brining of the Kirpal Singh’s body to India, she flashed with similar scenes through her mind when her brothers death body was brought to the country.

Moreover, as per the sister of Kirpal Singh, she also claimed that her brother was not died of any heart Attack, and also she claimed that she had received his letters around 2 months earlier, when everything was shown fine. Kirpal Singh was an ex- serviceman and he was kept in the Kot Lakhpat Jail at Lahore since from the year 1992, today his dead body will be handed over in India.

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