Scientists developed new method of blood test for boosting cancer treatment


London: New test has been found by the Scientists for detecting changes in the levels of metabolites in the blood and also for identifying that whether a cancer drug is working as designed or not. The researchers also shown that cancer drug can affect the amount of metabolites, which presents in the blood of the patients with the deadly disease. Such Metabolites means the fat’s and protein’s blocks builder.

The researchers here including the Scientist- Florence Raynaud who is from the Institute of Cancer Research in Britain, he found stated that “our study is an important step in the development of the new precision cancer therapies and is the first to show that blood metabolites have real potential to monitor the effects of novel agents.”

It is notable that the study was conducted for investigating the metabolic markers which could accurately assess how cancers were responding to the targeted drug pictilisib. Here, the team of researchers took Forty- one patients and measured the levels of 180 blook markers among them with the advanced cancers in a phase- I clinical trial. Researchers also said that their developed method could be used for monitoring patients routinely during the treatment as a quick and easy way of assessing that whether drug is still working, etc. The study is published in journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

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