Scientists: DNA ‘origami’ will help to build faster, cheaper computer chips

United States: A team of researchers from Brigham Young University has pave way to open the development of faster and cheaper computer chips with the help of ‘DNA Origami’. Researchers reported that the DNA can formed to specific shapes by the process of reminiscent of the old art of paper folding.

Adam T. Wooley, professor of chemistry at Brigham Young University said that “We would like to use DNA’s very small size, base-pairing capabilities and ability to self-assemble, and direct it to make nanoscale structures that could be used for electronics”.

He clarified that the smallest features on chips right now delivered by electronics makers are 14 nanometers wide. That is more than 10 times bigger than the distance across of single-stranded DNA, implying that this hereditary material could shape the basis for smaller scale chips.

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