Scientists: Doodle or sweeping gestures unlock your smartphones

United States: The smartphone can be logged into with doodle or sweeping gestures using your fingers. Scientists from Rutgers University of USA have done a study for free form passwords based on gestures in the smartphones field. Gesture password which is free form allow passwords of different shapes as well as number of fingers.

These results show that serious alternatives to other login methods as well as text logins are available for smartphone and other mobile device like tablets. These free form passwords based on gesture is extremely suitable for a touchscreen as it is fast to use, difficult to guess and extremely easy to remember. Such gesture passwords can prevent others from hacking our smartphone because everybody carries the smartphone everywhere now-a-days.

This finding will be discussed at the Association for Computing Machinery’s Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in the month of May 2016. 91 people participated in the survey and it was a huge success for people experimenting doodling. 2 different sets of accounts were created, 1st set social network and online banking, 2nd set shopping, gaming, dating, courses and music. It was a great finding for both the sets and goes a long way in defining the right kind of life for people.

These features can be expanded to services by internet, laptop and tablet combos, key locks, swipe cards and many more issues.

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