Scientists shown to have found Gene tool against Autism, Cancer and HIV

United States: Scientists would have brought solution against the most confusing diseases of the world, as it is shown in the newly published study in Cell, the researchers have decided to use Gene- editing tool Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats- CRISPR- Cas9, for determining the issues how they can isolate and edit the messenger RNA which is carrying genetic instructions from the nucleus of Cell for making the new proteins.

The researchers have also used such tool, previously in connection with the HIV diseases, i.e. for the removal of HIV from the human immune cells and as such the HIV reproduction could be stopped permanently. The information is given in the newly published study, in Nature in March.

Moreover, as per the Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine at UCSD- Gene Yeo who is also the author of this study found telling the Discovery that, the present study is capable of opening up a new area of thinking about the manipulation of genes and disease. Here in this case, as per Gene Yeo, who told that the team is doing “transcription engineering or editing” which he seems “quite exciting”. But notably, as also pointed by him, generally in many cases, editing of genome cannot be done, only genome can be broken into pieces.

Notably, such gene- editing technique can serve for treatments for the diseases which are connected with the defective RNA, and those which have previously noted as ‘non- treatable’. Thus, the tool can be helpful as the treatment against the autism and also against certain cancers like fragile X syndrome, too.

Moreover, the reporting agency- Discovery also reported that on the set of ethical rules for this rapidly increasing field, the ‘National Academy of Sciences’ is working.

Thus, the study could be taken as much helpful for the treatment of the very dangerous and till now untreatable diseases, like HIV, Cancer and also the most dangerous- Autism. In Autism, which is also treated as critical type of neurodevelopmental disorder, people seems worried of future, and also there are huge number of its patients available and as per reports, globally, Autism affects an estimated 21.7 million people as of 2013.

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