SC’s Order on Diesel Taxi brings confusion among residents and Taxi operators

Supreme Court of India

New Delhi: After the firm decision by the honourable Supreme Court of India as to ban the diesel cabs from entering the Delhi- National Capital Region- NCR from 1st day of May, i.e. from Today, the confusion appears prevailing in Gurgaon among the drivers of the Taxies and also among the residents.

Notably, it was seen earlier that the honourable Supreme Court of India, after seeing that already two extensions given earlier, now this time has strictly refused to give more time to the Taxi operations in the Delhi and national capital region to switch to the CNG engines.

As such, the transport authorities seemed having no options to say that they are ready to comply with the orders of the Top Court. Similarly, the Regional Transport Officer at the Ghaziabad found stated that “we will comply with the Supreme Court orders and tell such taxi operators either to convert to CNG or stop operations.” Moreover, he also confirmed that the enforcement teams of the transport department, are being issued with the directions for taking action against “erring vehicles.” It is also shown by him that “we are already registering CNG- based NCR taxis.”

As per the reports, it is shown that there are about 4,500 and plus registered taxis available in the Ghziabad in total and out of them about 3000 and plus taxies are having diesel engines. Moreover, the neighbouring Gautam Budh Nagar is also having around ten thousands of the taxies and out of them about 1,900 taxies are having CNG engines.

Moreover, as per the taxi drivers especially from Gurgaon, they found stated that with the fewer CNG pumps and also ever- growing number of autorickshwas, a lot of time would be wasted, due to standing in the queues, and as such, as per them they would be forced to leave their potential customers.

As per one of the cab operator, namely, Rajkumar Sharma, there are about 4000 autorickshaws and other CNG run vehicles in thousands of number plying in the Gurgaon, as such only Ten CNG stations in Gurgaon will be fulfil their requirements.

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