Separate Vidarbha Supporters led by Ex- Advocate General of State- Shreehari Aney hoisted ‘Vidarbha flag’ in Nagpur

Shreehari Aney

Nagpur, Maharashtra: The demand for separate Vidarbha is seemed again raised by the supporters led by its strong protagonist, who being Shreehari Aney- the former Advocate General of Maharashtra. Today, on first day of May, the said leader- Shreehari and supporters of separate Vidarbha hoisted a ‘Vidarbha Flag’ in Nagpur city, in Maharashtra and they found stated that they would intensify their movement for statehood to the region.

Moreover, in the gathering reportedly, number of pro- Vidarbha leaders and also activists found gathered at a private resort in Bajaj Nagar Square in Nagpur and they also found hoisting a specially prepared multi- colour flag as a mark of protest against the merger of the Them Vidarbha, the Central Provinces and Berar into Maharashtra on first day of May, 1960.

Also, notably, similar flags were also unfurled at about twenty- four places across the region called Vidarbha.

The said former Advocate General of Maharashtra State earlier made remarks on the separate Marathwada and Vidarbha and this had sparked a controversy resulting into the resignation of this Advocate General, from his post. And now at this event, while hoisting the flag, the said leader of supporters of Vidarbha found stated that, the flag of separate Vidarbha is being raised on first day of May for last three years.

Moreover, in his comments, the said Separate Vidarbha demanding supporters leader also found stated that this year the movement for separate Vidarbha state has gained momentum since it has been strongly opposed by the ruling alliance partner Shiv Sena, besides Maharashtra Navnirman Sena- MNS.

In his words he found stated as “we are not apprehensive of any political party or group which is opposing the creation of Vidarbha state, but our fight will go on and it will be further intensified from day one of the commencement of winter session of state Legislature here in the second capital (of the state- Maharashtra) in December.”

In the today’s event, the prominent members from the Pro- Vidarbha Organisations, Vidarbha Economic Development Council- VED, Vidarbha Vikas Aghadi, Shetkari Sanghatana and others were seemed participating.

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