Several Explosions in Brussels: 23 People died, 35 got injured, several more to report

Belgium: In the capital city of European Union, Brussels, several explosions occurred at the airport in Zaventem and public transportation system. Police confirmed 13 people died and 35 wounded in the airport. Sources said it was a suicide attack at the airport.

Another explosion occurred at Maelbeek metro station close to European Commission Headquarters and European Parliament. There estimates 10 deaths.

Mobile telephone services in Brussels congested and not functioning proper, transport system closed, whole Belgium to Alert 4, the highest possible alert. Schools are closed, children in schools are not authorized to move. No planes are landing at Brussels Zaventem airport.

Source said that there were more bombs discovered at airport, and there are several dead and more injured people now in airport departure hall. Local media said that one explosion happened in American Airlines check in desk.

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