Shahid Kapoor posted his latest picture, showing looks possibly for Udta Punjab

Shahid Kapoor

The Bollywood’s one of the Big star- Shahid Kapoor on his Instagram account found posted the jaw- dropping picture of his own, where he captioned saying “coming soon”. Many from his fans presuming this to be his new look for his upcoming movie- Udta Punjab. One of the youngest bollywood start- being only 35- years- old is appearing in the snap with the long hair and is flaunting his perfectly toned body and pumped abs.

It was earlier from this star- Shahid Kapoor found tweeted on his Twitter account that “Scariest part I have played yet have no clue how I’m going to get it right. Wish me luck guys.”

It is notable here, that the upcoming movie Udta Punjab starring Shahid Kapoor as lead role and this movie is based on Indian neo- noir drama thriller and it is taking the story of substance abuse in the State of Punjab in India. Moreover, the movie is being directed by the director of the Ishqiya film, Abhishek Chaubey, and it is also starring Kareena Kapoor as other lead roles along with Alia Bhatt and Diljit Dosanjh.

Moreover, this movie is reportedly to be produced by the Phantom Films and Balaji Motion Pictures and possible date for its release would be 17th day of June, this year.

It was reported earlier that the bollywood star- after his movie ‘Shaandaar’ which is recently released, last year, he begin with the upcoming movie Udta Punjab, which he claimed earlier as was a ‘dark movie’. The principal photography for the movie was began in March, last year, i.e. from this March, an year back.

Basically, the film is based on the issue of drug abuse, in Punjab. Also, it was seen in the year back reports that the actor- Shahid Kapoor was saying in an interview that he never “wanted to recommend Kareena” as he was scared thinking about “how people will perceive that again”. However, when he was narrated the film, then he thought of Kareena Kapoor even before Alia. As per actor- Shahid, “the role that Kareena plays, I felt she was just perfect for the role”.

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