Sheena Bora Murder Case: Accused Driver’s application for turning ‘approver’ may prove troubling for Indrani’s husband

Indrani Mukerjea

Mumbai: The development in the case of the Sheena Bora murder, which could prove difficult for the Indrani Mukerjea and her husband Peter Mukerjea, as now the former driver to Indrani, namely Shyamvar Rai who is an accused in the case along with such Mukerjeas, preferred a plea to turn approver before the Central Bureau of Investigation Court and also he claimed pardon before it.

The said former driver- Shyamvar has filed an application before H. S. Mahajan- a Special Judge in CBI court to turn approver, and if his application will be accepted by the said Special Judge then he will become a Prosecution Witness in the case. While so, after filing of the said application, the special court first preferred to get reply from the Central Bureau of Investigation and for filing such reply a time till 17th day of this month is given to it.

The move was taken by the former driver- accused- Shyamvar, last week through the jail superintendent. Moreover, yesterday, on Wednesday, 11th May, both the other accused persons- Indrani and Peter were present in the court with Shyamvar.

While so, the statements of the former driver and also Mukerjeas will bring trouble for the Indrani Mukerjea’s former husband- Sanjeev Khanna, in the case of her daughter- namely Sheena, which was taken place in the year 2012.

When the proceedings were began yesterday, the Special judge first sought to question the former Driver- Shyamvar about the incident, as to what he know about the murder case, and in an answer, Shyamvar said that he was present at the time of murder of Sheena Bora and he also said that he is “ready to disclose all facts and circumstances of the case.” While stating the facts in the case, he also said that deceased- Sheena was ‘strangled’. And when he was asked as to why he is willing to revealing all such things, he said in Hindi “Mujhe Paschatap Hai” (I am repenting).

In connection with the said application filed by him, the former driver- Shyamvar said that he had made that application “voluntarily, without pressure, instigation, fear or for reward.”

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