Shiv Sena leader- Haji Arafat’s ‘threat’ for not allowing Trupti Desai, ignored by her terming it ‘wrong’

Trupti Desai

Mumbai: Today, on Saturday 23rd April, the Bhumata Brigade Chief- Trupti Desai found responded to the threats of the Shiv Sena Leader- Haji Arafat, saying that such threats would not work and also that her group would be going to Haji Ali Dargah, in Mumbai on 28th day of this month.

While talking to the media, she sought to term such types of threats as “wrong” and also she maintains that there is right to protest for everyone in a democracy. She added also that “He (Haji Arafat) has insulted women.”

Moreover, the said Bhumata Brigade Chief also sought the clarification from the Shiv Sena, on its stand, and she further said that if the organisation differed with Haji Arafat in its views, then they should sack him out.

It was seen earlier that the said Haji Arafat being the leader in Shiv Sena- a political party, said that he will not allow a touch to the Mazar- e- sharif in Haji Ali Dargah, based at Mumbai by Trupti Desai.

Moreover, in his stand Arafat while talking with the media said that in Islam religion the women are not allowed to touch the “mazar- e- sharif in a dargah.” As such the Arafat found condemning the talks and views of Trupti Desai. He also found stated that “we won’t allow her to enter the inner sanctum of the Hazi Ali Dargah. I will be the voice of my religion and will not allow her to touch the mazar-e-sharif.”

It was also seen earlier that on 20th day of this month, the said women activist- Trupti Desai launched her ‘Haji Ali For All’ forum where she also involved others from her group, and also from other Non- Governmental Organisations and Social Groups for fighting for entry of Women to the Shrine.

It was also seen that in the month of February, this year, the Government in Maharashtra also found supporting the women’s entry to the Haji Ali Dargah.

It was seen that the matter as was dealt with by the High Court of Bombay, in which the court had asked the Government of the State to opine on the PIL challenging the decision of the Haji Ali Trust where It had earlier ban the entry of women in the sanctum of Dargah.

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