Shiv Sena through its editorial- Saamna warns BJP against deifying PM- Modi

PM Modi

Mumbai: On the reports which shows that the Bhartiya Janata Party- led Government wants to showcase the achievements of the current Prime Minister- Narendra Modi’s with the propaganda films in the cinema halls, the another big political party- Shiv Sena yesterday, on 26th April, warned the BJP leaders and said that he should not attempt to idolize Narendra Modi and also it said such actions are often seem with the ‘bhakts’ devotees who get their ‘God’ into trouble.

Shiv Sena party’s mouthpiece- Saamna which is editorial in the party termed the current Prime Minister as the ‘God’s gift to India’ and also reports that propaganda films showcasing his achievements as a leader would be made mandatory viewing in cinema halls. The said editorial coming from the Cabinet colleagues of BJP, also claimed that the statements from the senior BJP leaders shows that Prime Minister is an ‘avatar’.

It also referred the instances of Tamil Nadu and said its “Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s supporters in the State also put her on a pedestal. Their supporters tend to sing peans to those in power. When you deify someone, there is bound to be a temple and festivals in the God’s name … A Ram temple may not be constructed in Ayodhya but it appears chanting of ‘slokas’ in the name of this new God could be made mandatory.”

Moreover, the editorial also pointed the propagation of the Indira Gandhi cult, and said that while there was an emergency in the tenure of Indira Gandhi, there was compulsion of chanting ‘Indira ki jai’ and also supporters were seen deifying her with slogans like ‘Indira is India’ even once publicly, the Narayan Dutta Tiwari found stated that “Na Main Nar, Na Main Nari, Main Toh Narayan Dutt Tiwari, Indiraji Ka Pujari.” But after such emergency period over, Ms Indira Gandhi faced crushing defeat.

Sena’s mouthpiece also found stated that “More than the BJP, we are concerned about the Prime Minister. It also said that “The Prime Minister’s work and leadership is strong, and he certainly has the potential to change the face of the country. But is this an opportune time to show films on Mr Modi’s achievements?” Thus, the editorial suggests “It would be more appropriate if such things were showcased in the fifth year of the government or it may give an opportunity to the opposition to criticise the government.”

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