Shocking! First Law Student, Now Nursing Student allegedly raped in Kerala

Girl raped

Thiruvananthapuram; Kerala: Yesterday on Tuesday, 3rd May, Kerala given shocked with the case of gang- rape which was allegedly reported in the State by a Nineteen- year- old nursing student against her friend and another man inside the auto- rickshaw, near the capital of the State, Thiruvananthapuram.

The said incident is witnessed on the day, after a some days when a law student was spot died in the manner as would have murdered after committing rape and torture on her. The present case being second such heinous crime case, in the short- time span, the people specially, girl students and their parents appearing in tension.

The present concerned nursing student, as per her statements to the Police, was assaulted by her friend, whom she identified as Shyju, who is only twenty-four- year- old and also another one she identified as Sujith, who is also about twenty-five- year- old.

The said girl was assaulted and gang- raped in the auto-rickshaw which was driven by said accused- Shyju.

While so, in the earlier case of law student’s mysterious death, it was seen that the said student was about thirty- year- old, she on last Thursday was spot dead in her home, and her intestines hanging out. Thus in that case, the incident was taken place, as reported, inside her home in Perumbavoor, which is about two hundred kilometres away from the Kerala State capital- Thiruvananthapuram.

While so, the deceased law student was firstly seen by her mother, who discovered her dead in a poor of blood and as such she was immediately hospitalized owing to her own trauma. Earlier, the Police even did not confirmed that she was raped.

Since, the cases of gang- rape or otherwise rapes are really heart- breaking and shocking for anyone, but besides the emotions, the authorities need to be much careful and should offering strong protections to the girls and women and especially those who are coming in the public due to their everyday works or studies being students.

However, when the Chief Minister of the State- Oommen Chandy was asked whether the women (law Student) had been raped he gave diplomatic answer and said “I assure you there will be no lapses. The government will take this as a very serious case.”

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