Siddharth Sharma’s accident case: offending Mercedes was also earlier booked for 5 times in last eight months

New Delhi: Recently, an offending vehicle- Mercedes Benz which has killed Siddharth Sharma in Civil Lines of North Delhi on last Monday night, was reportedly involved in a spate of traffic rules violations.

It is pointed by the Traffic Police at Delhi, as per their records that the said Mercedes Benz had been slapped with challans 5 times in the last eight months for the several charges like an ignoring of traffic signals, speeding, unauthorized parking and careless driving.

It was observed from the official website of the said Traffic Police department that the concerned Mercedes car with the registration number DL2FCM 3000 has a pending file of thousand rupees in connection with such challans. However, in this connection, the fact that who was driving, still remain un clear in connection with all such five challans.

Moreover, as per Madhur Verma- a Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Delhi found stating that while there being an investigation, the officials found that the said Mercedes Car was not for the first time involved in offence of “rash and negligent driving” by the juvenile. It was also said that he has been found driving in the past too in a “rash and negligent way”. It was also observed by the investigation as per Verma that the said car also had once involved in the “road accident with another vehicle”.

Moreover, the said official also pointed that, in the above situation, the death of the “Sidharth Sharma is a case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder and hence Section 304 IPC has been added in place of section 304 A IPC”.

It was seen recently in the last month’s 3rd day, the police had also issued a notice to the said car in the same area. It was also shown that the said car was also found booked for two time for the over- speeding in the Delhi’s Darya Ganj at Centre and also one time it was booked for improper parking in south Delhi’s Vasant Vihar.

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