SIT Court Convicted 24 in Gulbarg Society Riot Case

Gulbarg Society Riot

Ahmedabad: Today, on Thursday, a special SIT Court made its verdict on a 2002 post- Godhra riots case of Gulbarg Society. The incident was resulted in the killing of about 69 people and former member of parliament (Congress)- Ehsan Jafri was also killed therein. P. B. Desai, Judge to Special Court delivered his verdict today, after an eight month’s long time after the 22nd day of September, 2015 on which the trial in the case was concluded.The court convicted 24 people, out of which 11 for the offence of murder and  the rest for lesser offenses. The court further acquitted 36 accused because of  not having proper evidence.

In connection with the incident, the Ahmedabad was put on ‘high alert’. Earlier, the direction was given to the SIT court by the honourable Supreme Court’s bench, which has also required through such directions to SIT court to deliver its verdict by 31st day of May, this year.

“I am very unhappy with the judgement. I will carry on the fight, will do whatever it takes.” said Zakia Jafri wife of the victim Ehsan Jafri who was burnt to death during the riot.

In the case, there were, in all sixty- six accused persons and they were charged for murdering the 69 people as said herein above. Leaving 9 accused persons, who are still behind bars, the other accused persons are out on bail. Also as there was a trial going on, 5 number of accused persons died. Notably, the case of Gulbarg Society is ranked at 8th, of the nine cases of the year 2002 Gujarat riots investigated by the SIT as set up by the Apex Court.

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