Site in Ladakh can be taken for setting up World’s Largest ‘Thirty Meter Telescope’

New Delhi: The largest telescope project in the world, i.e. the 1.47- billion dollar ‘Thirty Meter Telescope’ International Observatory may be set up in India, as stated by the reports in the Times of India as published yesterday, Saturday, 26th March. Moreover, as per reports so published, the said Thirty Meter Telescope board has short- listed Hanle in Ladakh as a prospective site for the project, which has been facing major hurdles in Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

Further, the reports says that the concerned international team in connection with the project would soon be visiting Ladakh. It was seen in the last year (December) that the as per the decision of the honourable Supreme Court of Hawaii, it had cancelled the permit which was issued to the Thirty Meter Telescope for construction of the International Observatory, when it was claimed that the plot in Mauna Kea was scared. However, as the Hawaii- based authorities are found working for the re- issuing of the said permit, the Board of Thirty Meter Telescope is looking of the alternatives for avoiding further delay.

Moreover, so far as the concerned of India is there, it is already contributing to the software of Thirty Meter Telescope apart from building edge sensors, actuators and system support assemblies.

As shown by the Chairman of Thirty Meter Telescope’s International Observatory Board- Henry Yang, who said in his statements after a meeting on 11th day of February, 2016, that the considering the upcoming “enormous investment and potential challenges”, the carrying out of a review of alternate sites is seemed necessary.

Director in India’s TMT programme- B. Eswar Reddy found telling the news agency, that the Board has made decision to consider two “prospective sites”, which including Hanle and Chile after the meeting which was held in February, this year.

Moreover, further he quoted the decision of the Hawaii’s Supreme Court, and said it was of course an unexpected turn for the project which got delayed due to such decision. Moreover, now it is expected that around $ 212 million would be invested by India in the project.

Further, as quoted by the news agency, that Reddy further added that the lots of technical works are progressing well in the partner countries, and it is expected that all the systems would be ready and risks as to technology would be retired till the issue of site is resolved.

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