Smartphone microscopes can improve skin cancer Diagnosis?

Houstan, Texas: Phone based mobile microscopes are utilized for diagnosing skin cancers correctly in settings in which old microscopes are not present. This is as per newer studies. Scientists at University of Texas Health Science Centre at Houston (UTHealth) revealed that smartphone microscopes can thereby improve detection of skin cancers in nations that are developing.

Physicians in few remote regions do not have accessibility to highly powered microscope being used for evaluating samples of skins. In such regions smartphone microscopes could be used for growths in photographs and forwarding it to examinations. This is told by Richard Jahan-Tigh, assistant professor of dermatology at UTHealth.

Head-to-head comparisons were made between old light microscopes and smartphone microscopes. This smartphone microscopy results in detection of 90 percent non-melanoma skin cancers. Studies were conducted with colleagues at McGovern Medical School and Harvard Medical School. Rate of detection for melanomas skin cancers was 60 percent.

Smartphone microscopes are created with tiny plastic pieces and 3mm ball lens. Ball lens cost USD 14 only at electronic stores. It has future in pathology and dermatology. Physicians hold smartphone microscopes over skin samples, placed on slides waiting for focusing of samples. Doctors read then samples in case he is pathologist. Smartphone microscopes had been used for picking 95.6 percent of basal cell carcinomas and 89 percent of squamous cell carcinomas.

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