Soap and Nail Polish ingredient chemicals can lead to obesity, new study says

Washington: Human body when come regular exposure with the Chemicals which ware found in daily usable products like Soap, Nail Polish, Plastic, they there are ample chances of affection against the amount of fat stored in the body, as per a new study which is conducted by the authors from Georgian Research University.

One amongst the researchers from the University of Georgia, namely a lead author to the study- Lei Yin found stated that the Plastic is being given a bendy stretch by the Phthalates which are the chemicals found in such products, however, such chemicals as per the researchers are now shown harmful against the human health.

But, the said lead author to the Study- Lei said that these Phthalate’s exposure can be “closely associated with the rise of different types of disease development.”

It was also seen that as the phthalates’ levels were found in fluids of human in the previously conducted studies, the present scientists were intending to see if a special phthalate, benzyl butyl phthalate- BBP had an effect on the accumulation of fat in the human cells.

While, so that scientists took experiment in their hands and for study they used mouse cells for creating in vitro models for analysing the issue, how BBP’s exposure would affect the way in which the lipids, means Oils and Fats accumulated within such cells.

Moreover, the assistant professor- Xiazhong Yu from the University of Georgia also found terming the issues of “obesity” as one of the “big issues in Humans”, now. Moreover, he also assistant professor also sought to make it clear that in the development of the Obesity, “of course” contribution of genetic components can be seen there. Yu also found stated that “environmental exposure may also contribute to obesity.”

Moreover, the researcher also shown the results of the BBP’s effects were compared with bisphenol A- BPA which is an environmental endocrine disruptor and also known for its role in adipogenesis, or as to the development of the fat cells.

Thus, the findings have given an ‘indication’ that there is a possible link between exposure to BBP and obesity, and this is something which ‘could affect human health’. As such the research is published in the Toxicology journal in Vitro, which one can view for move details.

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