Some local youngsters allegedly attacked Spanish couple, hit with stones in Pushkar

Ajmer: A couple from the Spain, visited India and faced tragedy. The said Spanish Couple attacked on their way to the Temple in Pushkar in Rajasthan and reportedly, the visiting Spanish woman from couple, has alleged that she was molested, yesterday, i.e. on 4th day of April.

While in her allegation she sought to blame that she was molested on Monday’s evening time by some locals. And while so she claimed that her companion was also attacked by these locals with stones and he suffered number of injuries.

As per the statements which the Spanish couple preferred, they sought to say that when they were on the way to temple in the rural area in Pushkar by their rented bike, they found a group of young men came around them and started molesting the Spanish woman, later they also claimed that these guys have snatched her bag also. Moreover, the very serious blame which the Spanish woman preferred herein, was that her clothes were also torn off, by these men.

While, so the companion who was trying to defend Spanish woman, was also hit by them, with stones at his head, etc. He seemed reportedly, with many bloody injuries.

Soon after such attacks allegedly by the local young men, the couple were shifted to the Hospital in Ajmer for first aid, by the Manager of the Hotel, where they were staying.

Moreover, as per the police officials the Spanish girl was looking much deeply touched with the incident and she found too traumatized for recording her statement.

It was notable that the couple were not only two who went for temple visit, but there were two others too who were accompanying them while in their visit. They are from Spain and they came to India as tourists.

When, the alleged young locals tried to molest the Spanish girl, the couple got scared and raised an alarm, and due to such alarming by the foreigners, those people from group have started assaulting them and when other local villages sought to challenge them, then that group fled away.

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