Son of Telangana’s Union Minister- Y S Chowdary booked for ‘rash driving’ by Hyderabad Police

Porsche was being driven by the son of Chowdary

Hyderabad; Telangana: Yesterday, on Friday 15th April, the son of Union Minister of State for Science and Technology, Y. S. Chowdary who is from Telangana, was imposed with the charges of rash and negligent driving by the Traffic Police of Hyderabad.

Union Minister’s Son- Karthik was allegedly driving his vehicle in the rash and negligent manner as per the police officials.

The car Porsche was being driven by the son of Chowdary allegedly between Jubilee Hills Check Post and KBR Park gate, as per the Inspector from the Banjara Hills Traffic Police Station- N. Vidya Sagar, who also sought to claim that he was driving this vehicle in the ‘rash’ manner.

As such, the Traffic Police decided to charge the Union Minister’s son- Karthik for rash driving and also the vehicle- Porsche which he was driving allegedly in the ‘rash’ manner was also seized by the Police officials.

Yesterday’s night when the Traffic Police from Hyderabad was conducting a special road safety drive, they caught Union Minister’s son.

While so, the Police Inspector- N. Vidya Sagar said that “we caught him (Union Minister’s son- Karthik) along with some other (motorists) during the special drive for different violations.”

Moreover, now the son of Union Minister is booked for the case under the provisions of section 184 (B) of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 and his vehicle is also seized as said herein above.

However, it is notable that the Police official further said that the said accused- son of the Union Minister will be imposed with “fine” and as such he “has not been arrested”.

Moreover, it was seen that the Union Minister’s son driven car being Porsche 911 wide registration no AP 09 CV 9600 was caught by the traffic police near KBR park, and the police also alleged that the Union Minister’s son along with other fellows was indulging in the car racing.

It was notable that the incident was took place at around 12 AM in the midnight of 15- 16 April. The car is also found registered in the name of Sujana Universal Industries Limited.

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