Sonia Gandhi’s son- in- law- Robert Vadra says that ‘Didn’t need Priyanka to enhance my life’

New Delhi: Congress President- Sonia Gandhi’s son- in- law Robert Vadra today found stated that he would never leave the country, irrespective of facts of his being “humiliated”. Moreover, he also said that “I did not need Priyanka to enhance my life” as he thinks that I had “enough” and his parents have given him “enough”.

While expressing himself before the media agency at the Golf Club based at New Delhi, Sonia Gandhi’s son- in- law- Vadra responded to the question where he was asked many times to join the Politics, he as such responded saying “Never say never”.

However, in the earlier time, while there being elections, Mr. Robert Vadra appeared campaigning for his mother- in- law and also brother- in- law- Rahul Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh.

While so, Mr. Vadra is a businessman by profession and now he is about forty- six years old man having two children with Priyanka Gandhi the daughter of Sonia Gandhi who Robert married in the year 1997.

On the question of his joining politics, Mr. Robert responded again by saying that “It has been twenty years as part of this family (Gandhis family) but it won’t take me 20 years to join politics”. Moreover, notably, though Mr. Vadra has campaigned for Gandhis family, but he was never appeared delivering speeches.

It was also noted while in the national election period in the year 2014, he kept a low profile even though he was regularly targeted by the Bhartiya Janata Party leaders over the controversial land deals in Haryana. Even current Prime Minister- Narendra Modi also preferred to take several digs at him.

However, as per Mr. Vadra he said “I was born and brought up here” hence he would never leave country “no matter how much the pressure, no matter how much I am humiliated. No matter what the government says”. He says that he is having the “ability to sustain and to absorb.” Later, he said that he is having a very strong and good family, my children give me strength”.

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