SONY announces closure of DriveClub developers- Evolution Studios

UK: After acquisition in the year 2008 by Sony, of the Evolution Studios- which was the developer of the PS4 racing exclusive DriveClub, now it is shut down. For the restructuring the European Studios, the Sony has given, as shown in the statements.

Evolution Studios was responsible for franchises such as MotorStorm and also for World Rally Championship. Moreover, as per the statements, it is further sought to maintain that the “regular reviews take place throughout SCE World wide Studios”, and this ensures that the resources which the company is having in the competitive landscape could be taken for creation and production of high quality, commercial and also innovative projects.

Moreover, it was also shown in the statements that the decision for closing of the Evolution Studio was taken by the company, after considering all such issues. Also, it was pointed that the company- Sony is well aware of the facts that their action of closure of such Evolution Studio can result in the loss of some of the top- tier talent of the company.

Company further sought to maintain that it is regretting on its decision which would serve for compulsory unemployment. Also company found accepting the fact that the decision would mean that it is taking risk on its part to lose its high calibre staff. Moreover, company has further given an assurance to the people that they would be reallocated onto other projects. It has further assured to assist the staff “in any way it can”.

However, the developers thereof are not getting down with all such facts, despite in the message as found posted on Twitter, the Senior Community Manager of Evolution Studios- Jamie Brayshaw that it is “the end of an incredible era for Evolution Studios” and further it was said that “DriveClub will live on” and it is possible under “awesome” team at PlayStation.

As such it can be inferred from this that the DriveClub would be continued. And it can be treated as the revolution to get new best days ahead. However, the fact remain current that the UK- based Evolution Studio’s closure has been announced by SONY, and what in future to see, is ahead.

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