Sony launches its new XQD and SD storage cards’ range in India with special features

New Delhi:  Yesterday, on 28th March, Sony India has launched its range of XQD and SD storage cards and also the MRW- E90. Also, along with such storage card and its reader, the company has also brought the QDA- SB1, a USB XQD adapter. In the comments from Sony, it sought to maintain that the range of cards it offered are made for the “professional photographers”, who work on high- speed DSLR cameras like Nikon D5 or Nikon D500.

Sony has brought such storage cards with the huge space like its offered both the XQD and SF storage cards brought in 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB variants. Moreover, in India it is already brought in the market, so that anyone can now purchase them easily.

As to price, the XWD-M32/ J SYM are priced at 3500 rupees; the XQD-M64/ J SYM cards are priced at 6700 rupees and for XQD- M128/ J SYM storage cards are tagged with the price as 14500 rupees. Moreover, its offered SF- M 32, SF- M 64 and the SF- M 128 are tagged to rupees 4795, 7215 and 11545 respectively.

Moreover, in the comments from the Sony, it says that its recently offered card readers are provided with the technology which can backup 64 GB of data in around Three Minutes. Moreover, data transfer rate as provided with its offered new XQD- M series would with the speed of up to 440 MB per second for reading and for writing it will be up to 150 MB per second. Further, its offered SF- M series, can provide the transfer rate with the speed up to 260 MB per second for reading and for writing it will be 100 MB per second.

The Japan- based technology major- Sony further stated that the cards are dust- proof, X-ray proof, anti- static and magnet proof. Moreover, its offered MRW- E90 which is the world’s first XQD/ SD card reader along with USB- XQD adapter, the QDA- SB1. The said MRW- E90 is offered by Sony with the claim that it can support ultra- high speed data transfer to PC from all XQD series.

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