South Korean Military says North Korea appears to have fired Missile into Sea off its east coast

Seoul: Today, i.e. on Friday, 1st April, the North Korea found firing the Missile into the Sea off its east coast, as stated by the South Korea’s Military officials. The incident seemed to have been occurred hours after the South Korean Leaders, and also the Leaders from the Japan and United States warned Pyongyang for ending the provocations or face more pressure.

It was seen that the said missile was fired from a region which is located near the east coast of the North, as stated by the Military officials of South Korea on telephone.

Further it was observed that the said was a short- range surface to air missile, as per another officer from the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he also said that the for determining the range, the military was trying.

It was also seen that the said missile fire was effected at about 12: 45 P.M. as per local time (0345GMT), and notably it was after few hours to the time when the President of the United States- Barack Obama along with the President of the South Korea- Park Geun- hye and Prime Minister of Japan- Shinzo Abe declared that to add pressure on the North Korea, in connection with the earlier actions of North.

It is pertinent to note here, that in Washington (US), while there being a meeting on the sidelines of the Global Nuclear Security Summit, these three leaders from their countries recommitted to each other’s defense and as such, they also warned that they could take further steps for countering threats from Pyongyang.

It was US President- Obama who had held the spate talks with the President of China- Xi Jinping, and while in the talks it was said that both of them wanted to see “full implementation” of the latest United Nations Sanctions against North Korean leader- Pyongyang. However, Chinese President offered no sign that the Beijing was prepared for going beyond its consent to the Security Council measures which were imposed in the early of last month.

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