Special Court adjourned its decision on Quantum of Punishment for Today: Gulberg Society Massacre Case


Ahmadabad: In connection with the most heart- breaking incident which had claimed the lives of 69 people and which is popularly known as Gulberg Society Massacre Case, the Special Court had yesterday again adjourned the matter for today, on Friday for pronouncing its verdict on quantum of punishment to the convicted people.

The special court earlier on 2nd day of this June, had convicted, in all, 24 accused persons in the said case and besides confirming the charges of murder against some accused, the Special Court observed that there were no evidence to prove charges of Criminal Conspiracy against the accused persons.

Yesterday, while there was hearing on the issue of quantum of punishment, the defending lawyers tried to convinced the court to deliver minimum punishment. In the said Gulberg massacre case, there were 69 people killed in total, and it was held during the 2002 Gujarat Riots. The killed people was also including the well- known Member of Parliament- Ehsan Jafri. The Supreme Court of India, in such cases had appointed SIT for investigation, and this case was also probed by them. Now, the matter was considered by the Special Judge- P. B. Desai.

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