Special POTA Court sentenced convicts in Mumbai Blasts: Muzammil Ansari to face life imprisonment till Death

Mumbai: Finally, the Special Court under the POTA- Prevention of Terrorism Act, yesterday, i.e. on Wednesday 6th April, made decision to sentence the convicts in the 2002- 2003’s Mumbai triple blasts case. Three of the convicts in the case are awarded with the Life imprisonment and remaining were awarded with the different terms of imprisonments.

Those three convicts whom the court has awarded life imprisonment are also seemed including Muzammil Ansari (the person who planted bombs). The Special Court while awarding him with such life imprisonment’s sentence till his death, stated in its 351 pages judgement that “Ansari to undergo imprisonment till the end of his life”. Moreover, the court further observed that the offence which were seemed committed and proved in the case were “grave in nature”. Moreover, the Special Judge also sought to say that the said capital punishment which is awarded to Ansari in the concerned case, just falls short of “the rarest of rare case”. As such the judge- P. R. Deshmukh viewed that “I am not inclined to endorse the punishment of death sentence to Ansari”.

It is notable that the present case was dealt with under, now repealed Act, and among all cases which were decided in that Act, the present case one where the convict has been given the aforesaid sentence.

There were three bombs which the convict- Ansari had planted, as proved in the case and due to his so plantation of Bombs, there was seen major blasts in Mumbai, and as such between 2002’s December and 2003’s March, around 12 people were killed and hundred of injuries were reported.

While awarding Ansari with the sentence of life imprisonment till death, the Special judge also made it clear that, when a person is hanged, then his life comes to an end within fraction of second, and as such he cannot feel the punishment’s effect through mentally, emotionally and physically.

Moreover, while awarding the punishment to the other victims, the court sentenced Farhan Khot and Dr. Wahid Ansari to suffer life imprisonment and others were also convicted to face certain years of imprisonments.

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