SpiceJet’s pilot sacked on the charges of Sexual Harassment: Air Hostess claimed harassment during Kolkata- Bangkok flight

SpiceJet- airway

New Delhi: A commander- level Pilot against whom an allegation of sexual harassment was leveled by the air hostess, is as per the SpiceJet- airway entity is fired today, on Saturday, 23rd April. It was also told that the Internal Complaint committee which has found the Pilot guilty of misconduct and also for sexually harassing an air hostess, and as such he is sacked today.

The said pilot from the budget passenger carrier- SpiceJet was allegedly on 28th day of February, during the airline’s Kolkata- Bangkok flight, allegedly asked the air hostess to sit with him in the cockpit.

Moreover, it was also learnt from the sources that the said pilot had also allegedly asked his co- pilot to leave the cockpit for a substantial period of time, and for that the said commander was to be left along with the air hostess.

Also, it was shown by the sources that the said pilot repeated this act on the return leg of the journey too and also he also allegedly involved in using “unparliamentary language” with the CCI- Cabin Crew In Charge.

Later, it was seen that the said air hostess preferred to file complaint against such pilot before an internal committee, which was set up for looking into the matter, and as such the said committee when found that pilot guilty of misconduct, he is today sacked off.

Also, the sources claimed that the said “incident would not have come to light if the pilot had not used abusive language with the cabin crew in charge.” Moreover, it was also said that “the very next day a complaint was received and the committee was setup to look into the matter.” Thereafter, the said committee “after recording the statement of all the parties found the pilot guilty.” The said decision was taken by Ajay Singh- the Chairman of airline. After such decision was taken, the said pilot was sacked from his service, and then the Directorate General of Civil Aviation- DGCA was informed about such incident.

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